Mama's Blessed : 10 Weeks.

10 Weeks.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I am 10 weeks today (or 12, we will figure that out later down the road lol). I was thinking about starting my belly pics this week. But I may just start week 12:) 
I have been dealing with morning sickness for about a month now. & it sucks! But I am still enjoying every minute of it. I have also had some heartburn a few days. My allergies are insane, & i have heard that it can be worse when pregnant! "/ I have not had any crazy cravings but i have been acting a little crazy! :P Sometimes I feel like an emotional wreck! 
We are working on baby names. We have our boy name, but now we have to come to an agreement 
on the girl name. Bc Im pretty sure we have a little girl growing inside me! <3
We have our 2nd doctor appointment April 24th, but im not really sure what to expect at this appt. Im hoping they let us hear the heartbeat again! 
I am thinking about updating this more often, bc i have really wanted to start some kind of pregnancy journal but i cant find one that i like.


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