Mama's Blessed : 2 angel babies & now a rainbow baby.

2 angel babies & now a rainbow baby.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I am so excited about our little rainbow baby! <3 This pregnancy has went smoothly so far, unlike my other two. I got pregnant for the first time back in feb 2009. But I miscarried the beginning of March. Our first dr appt & ultrasound didnt go well bc the baby only measured 4 weeks & i was certain i was further along. Plus I was already having issuses. Then I got pregnant again Aug/Sept 2011 & miscarried very soon after finding out. That first DR appt & ultrasound went horrible also. They couldnt find baby. & like my first I was already having problems so I knew something was wrong. I was certain I wouldnt get pregnant again & if i did i would just miscarry like the rest. But here I am. & baby. Growing & further along than all the others. I have had no issues with this pregnancy so far & dr appt/ultrasound went amazing!!! I was terrified of what i would hear & see going in there. But we have found our rainbow after all those storms! <3 I pray everyday for me & baby! & I cant wait to meet him/her.


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