Mama's Blessed : 25 weeks & Glucose

25 weeks & Glucose

Monday, July 30, 2012

I am 25 weeks & almost 2 days!! <3 I love my baby bump!!!
I failed my my glucose test last week so today I had to go back &
do the 3 hr one. :( I couldnt have anything to eat or drink other than
water from midnight til today after 12pm when i was done. That
was soooo hard lol. When I went the the dr office, i had to have
my blood drawn to make sure we could do the test. Then i had
to drink the yummy fruit punch glucose stuff (which makes me kind of
jittery since its pretty much just sugar). I had to wait a full hour then get
blood drawn in other arm. Waited another hour and did the same thing.
&& then again for another hour && more blood drawn! So my arms
are sore and bruised. I got really sick in the first hour. Sweating and feeling
I may need to run to the bathroom and barf lol. But after that hour i
was feeling better. Time went by pretty fast, && of course i wasnt
allowed to leave the office. I should hear back about the results in
a few days. && I am praying the results are good.
Last week at my drs appt. I found out i had gained 16 pounds in one month.
I was very embarrassed! The dr said it was okay bc for the first 20 weeks of
my pregnancy i only gained one pound. && also that it was probably
bc of the summer weather. He said alot of pregger retain water
in the summer hot months && swell up. But I do have to
watch my weight from this point on though!

We have already recieved TONS of hand me down baby clothes!! && im so
excited about that. We hope to buy baby furniture & bedding this coming
month & get this nursery going.

Baby Shower in 20 days!!! <3


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