Mama's Blessed : Its a Girl

Its a Girl

Monday, July 30, 2012

Went to the dr this past thursday, for our ultrasound. Along with me & keith, my mom, little prego sister, and my grandmother tagged along for the excitement!!
The ultrasound revealed it is a girl, && we are so excited!! We are currently thinking of a name, which i have found to be super hard lol.
We got to see the baby yawn, which was a little scary looking to me lol, rub her eyes, put her fingers in her mouth, wave, and she even threw up her arm and index finger. Keith yelled "if you aint first, your last". Maybe we should just name her ricky bobby! :P
The dr said according to all her measurments and everything, she is healthy, which was my number one prayer for our little baby! <3
She was 11 oz on that day, & her heartbeat was 140.
They said im right on track, so the due date is still the same.
I am 20 weeks & 1 day.
over half way done, & closer to see our baby girl <3

Oh and crazy enough I only weigh 136. That means 3 pounds gained this whole pregnancy so far. I suppose thats a good thing, less to lose when its all over. :)

Cravings right now are for things drenched in hot sauce and spicy stuff. && then i want to whine about getting heartburn all the time lol. :)


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