Mama's Blessed : Moved & 17 weeks

Moved & 17 weeks

Monday, July 30, 2012

Havent posted on here in over a month. We moved out of our apartment & in to a home in Peachtree City. <3 in love <3

At my last drs appointment at the end of may i was almost 16 weeks. We heard the heart beat & heard the baby moving around! <3 The heart rate was 150 bpm. Some are saying its a boy according to the heart rate. We shall see! I also gained one whole pound, the only pound i have gained since pregnant! INSANE! I now way 134.

June 21st 2012 is our gender ultrasound. We are sooo excited that i have begun to count down the days.
I have had a dream or two that we had a boy! :)

Today I am 17 weeks & a day. I am in my 4th month!!!! <3

I dont really have morning sickness anymore, just once and a while. I do have crazy dreams, most involving being preggers or the baby or food lol.
I have been eating alot of spicy things. <3

Oh & im super excited to be enjoying this with my sister who is only a month behind me!!!!

I think my next post will be of all my belly pics this far!


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