Mama's Blessed : The Beginning

The Beginning

Monday, July 30, 2012

We are pregnant again! :) I took pregnancy test March 5th. & it was positive.
This is such a blessing! & we are so happy & ready.
After 2 miscarriages I was kind of scared that i wouldnt
be able to get pregnant again & if i did i would just miscarry.
So far so good. I have decided to just enjoy every minute
of this pregnancy & not worry about miscarrying again.

We went to our first DR appt March 27th. at the time I thought i was a little over 9 weeks (according to my last period) & the dr even said i felt about 9 weeks & that my uterus felt a little large (??) But when we got the ultrasound done the baby only measured a little over 7 weeks. So that is what i decided to go with. Also, I got to see babys heart beating away & we even got to hear it. (150 bpm). Amazing <3


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