Mama's Blessed : 30 Weeks and UPDATES

30 Weeks and UPDATES

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

 29 weeks && 5 days.
30 weeks.

Okay so i have been slacking on my pregnancy posts. So first with updates!! 

I now go to the dr every 2 weeks. && I only have to check my blood sugar levels twice a day for now. Every visit since ive been doing this the drs have said my numbers look good. 

I had a wonderful baby shower! <3 

Last months visit i had gained 6 pounds putting me at 156. Not to bad.

Today: I am 30 weeks & 2 days! <3 I had my dr appt today, & of course my blood sugar numbers look good. She said they are just watching my numbers to see if i even have gestational diabetes. So for now i have to stay on my HEALTHY diet (that everyone should probably be on anyway! Its not for over weight unhealthy people like some assume! lol) & watch my numbers twice a day til told otherwise! Also, she measured my belly & told me baby is measuring bigger && packed pretty tight in my belly lol. SO she said she may have another ultrasound done bc i may be further along. 
Which in the beginning of my pregnancy my due date was oct 27-29 (dont remember exact) then they changed it to nov 11. So I am wondering if im back to my original!? I go back sept 20th, so i hope to figure it all out by then. 

I am planning on scheduling a 3d/4d ultrasound over the next few weeks, I have been waiting to do this forever. && I feel like im far enough along to get a good idea of what she looks like. && who. :)

How far along? 30 weeks & 2 day :)
Baby is the size of a: Kenzie is the size of Green Cabbage.
Total weight gain: 155. i lost one pound since last visit.
Maternity clothes?  No maternity tops, though im in need of some! Just bought me my second pair on maternity jeans today! But mostly sweats & yoga pants. Fall/Winter hurry please! 
Stretch marks? I found a few tiny ones on my left hip.
Sleep: Using the bathroom a few times during the night & now the past few nights i have been so uncomfortable that i havent got much sleep. When im laying on my sides she is starting to feel really heavy! lol.
Best moment this week: I love feeling her, hearing her HEALTHY heartbeat today!
Movement: She is very active. 
Food cravings: Im starting to crave my vanilla cokes. Since i drink water all day everyday, I love being able to get me a vanilla coke here and there!
Anything making you queasy or sick: no.

The Bump: Growing. Heavy!!! Dr measured me & said i may be further along. 

Symptoms: feet swelled up the other day from being out in the heat for a few hours. && i get braxon hicks contractions almost every day for weeks now. Maybe like 2 in a day
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? In, but getting close to being flat.
Happy or Moody: Happy but still moody at times.
Looking forward to: Maternity Pics, buying Kenzie everything she needs, Next DR appt.


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