Mama's Blessed : 3rd Trimester Musts

3rd Trimester Musts

Friday, September 21, 2012

These have been MY must haves so far in my 3rd trimester. 

-BODY PILLOW - Even though i find it hard to get comfortable, ive been sleeping w my body pillow since my first trimester && i NEED it. lol.

-MASCARA - Being pregnancy & tired most days i find myself only wearing mascara most days.

-TUMS - I have had heartburn all through my pregnancy, but once my third trimester started it got worse. So these bad boys are life savers.

-ITS A 10 - Keeps my hair looking half way decent. 

-SPRITE ZERO - Having to watch my blood sugar levels makes it hard to drink sodas and coffee and pretty much anything else. So these are amazing, even though they dont even taste that great. Its nice to have something other than water occasionally. 

-CELL PHONE ALARM CLOCK - I forget everything, even when im supposed to test my blood sugar. So my alarm is a must right now.

-COCO BUTTER - Even though i have a few small stretch marks on my left hip, i still rub lotion all over one to two times a day. 

-PANTY LINERS - Oh the wonderful beautiful things that happen during pregnancy lol.

-DAILY TO DO LISTS/PLANNER - I have horrible pregnancy brain. I forget everything. So i make daily lists of what needs to be done. && this is the only reason anything even gets done!

These are all my must haves for the moment, Im sure before my pregnancy is over the list will be longer.


  1. My friends and husband make fun of me for my list that I leave all over the house, and thank God for my boppy pillow or i'd die! Its not the body boppy but the shorter one since im short, and yes panti liners are a life saver, you go thru a pack in a week espcially in the end!!

    1. hahah yeah panty liners are a must!! Then you get excited after having the baby to not have to worry w that! But in reality you have to wear the huge pads for a while bc of all the bleeding!!! Motherhood & being a woman is amazing right!? :P I use my small boppy pillow in between my legs sometimes!


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