Mama's Blessed : Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My baby shower was August 19th! && it was amazing. So many family & friends came to show me & baby Kenzie some love. && we got tons of goodies! <3

After getting everything home I had a blast taking everything out & playing with it all. & of course keith did too when he got home that night.

Over the next few days after the shower keith put together the stroller, highchair, pack n play, and the crib. Kenzie is taking over & i love it more than anything! <3
Some of the shower gifts, there was gifts shoved in other gift bags && most of the big gifts were still in my moms car since my little green machine couldnt fit it all lol.
Super cute. My aunt made.
Super thoughtful! These were on the favors, & inside was skittles! <3

My gorgeous cake that was put through hell hahah.

Making a mess && enjoying every minute of it!


  1. Look at all that loot! I am loving that stroller and you look adorable! Looks like we have a couple things in common.. this is my rainbow baby as well, and my hubby's name is Keith

    1. Thanks girl! <3 Congrats on your rainbow baby! Super special! <3 && that is tooo funny our hubbys are both Keith :)


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