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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Okay so after slacking off and on for the past year, some times because things in life were taking up my time, I am almost done with my Pharm Tech school stuff. I have to get an extension to finish the last 9 tests i have. But then I am done. But the other day I also started taking Medical Admin Assistant courses online. So after having the baby && being with her for a while, when we decide i should go back to work i will have two decent options. Neither Pharm tech nor Med Admin Assist will make me more than $20 an hr but Im sure anything will help when it comes to me getting a job and making money. I want to stay home with Kenzie the first year, && then see where we are and how im feeling about working after that. :) So working on these things will give me something to do while being at home with my baby girl! <3


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