Mama's Blessed : 37 weeks

37 weeks

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some updates.

I last went to the Dr 10/18, I was 36 weeks & 4 days that day. I had my ultra sound done. Then had some blood work and some strep b test done!?? I kept getting really sick during the ultra sound from laying flat. "/
She is around 5 pounds, and has a mullet lol. Dr said she will probably be less than 7 pounds when I have her.  
I now start my weekly dr visits. I go back 10/25 :)

 36 weeks & 6 days.
 36 weeks & 6 days compared to 32 weeks and 2 days. 
Same shirt obviously lol.
 Hot mess, 37 weeks. FULL TERM :)
 37 weeks & 1 day. Cleaning and getting ready for baby girl.

After my dr appointment. Me, Brittany, & Keith && our bellies. I was 36 weeks & 4 days there, and Britt was 32 weeks and 2 days I do believe. & Keith had his usual food belly lol.

How far along? 37 weeks. & 1 day

Baby is the size of a/n: Swiss Chard???

Total weight gain: I gained 4 pounds since last dr visit. so 164.

The Bump: Big. Uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Pottying alot. My vagina hurts lol. swelling. && feet hurting.

Food Cravings: No certain cravings. Been alot more hungry that usual though.

Anything making you sick: No.

Sleep:  Still pretty uncomfortable, and now keith says ive been snoring!

What I miss: Coffee. 

Wedding rings on or off: I took them off, bc they were getting a little snug.

Movement: Rolling around as always.

Maternity clothes: Same as it has been. i still wear most of my regular tops though.

Labor Signs: No.

Best moment this week: My birthday was saturday. 10/20. Got to see family on saturday and 
sunday. <3 

What I am excited about/looking forward to: Baby Kenzie arriving.

My birthday was 10/20 on Saturday. I am now 26 years old!!! Almost to 30 :- p
My husbands parents came up and took us out to eat.( they also brought a HUGE box of baby clothes, so i spent that night doing baby laundry!!) & on Sunday had some 
more family up to visit and eat of course lol.

Got a few gifts for Kenzie also from them.

 I got a huge bag that will be used as one of Kenzies diaper bags and an over night bag. I am trying to see if i can get all our stuff in it for the hospital trip! Also got a smaller purse that will be mine and used as a smaller diaper bag for quick trips and shopping lol. A wallet and smaller wallet, a small tolietry bag, that i have my makeup in for the hospital trip, and a journal. All matching!!! <3 Love this Vera Bradley pattern. && love all the stuff!!

Roll Tide!!! Kenzie has some bama gear now! <3 Keith was tooooo
excited about this gift haha.

Also, I do believe i lost some of my mucus plug today. Could mean days away from Kenzie's arrival or still weeks. Im shooting for a Halloween baby though!! :)


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