Mama's Blessed : 38 weeks

38 weeks

Monday, October 29, 2012

Okay I am almost 38 weeks & 2 days. <3
I have been ready for Kenzie Love Lee to enter our world 
for days now. Well, I have the whole pregnancy, but i am now
more impatient about it. In my last post I said that I lost some
or all of my mucous plug, well i lost more the next day i do believe.
My BH contractions are more intense especially at night. I can breathe
better but my legs and feet are always hurting me even when I am
only on them for a minute or two. I am constantly going to the bathroom
also. I am trying to stay kinda active with walking and using
my stairs alot to help get baby moving down and out lol.
I am also enjoying taking naps here and there to get the sleep
I need that I dont seem to be getting at night.
My last DR appt was 10/25 & it was a regular one. They didnt
check to see if i was dilated or anything so that was
kind of disappointing! But baby girls heart rate is good as always.
I was told to start walking baby out lol. && i lost 2 pounds since the week before
at the last dr visit. So im sure that was just because my legs and feet were 
not swelling anymore, thank goodness!!!  Our next dr appt is Nov 1, though 
I would love to have her before then! I really want her in my
arms, but i am terrified when i think of what it takes to
get her out!! :P lol. 
Oh &&& Yesterday i thought my water broke, but just peed on myself!! 
I have made it this far w/o peeing on myself and then 2 weeks before 
I am due, it happens. lol. Maybe i should wear depends!? hahahah!!!

How far along? 38 weeks & 2 days.

Baby is the size of a/n: Leek

Total weight gain: I am at 162 now, so total since the start
would be 29 pounds i think!

The Bump: Dropped i think.

Symptoms: legs, & feet ache, pottying all the time! 
Lightening crotch ahah.

Food Cravings: no certain cravings, though the 
past few days i have felt SUPER hungry!
Anything making you sick: No.

Sleep:  Still uncomfortable.

What I miss: I want to lay flat really bad right now!

Wedding rings on or off: Off, when my legs and feet were
swelling my rings got a little snug so i took
them off, and havent tried them back on.
Though I am sure they will fit now!

Movement:Some days she is more active then others, she does jab me 
near my right hip bone alot, and my ribs.I love the feeling of
her slowly just rolling and moving.

Maternity clothes:  Same, maternity & not.

Labor Signs: Mucous plug lost, intense BH everyday, some crampy feelings
here and there, so im thinking its soon!

Best moment this week: Getting our maternity pics!

What I am excited about/looking forward to: Kenzie Love Lee arriving &&
being able to see who she looks like!!


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