Mama's Blessed : Whats in My Diaper Bag (Hospital Edition)

Whats in My Diaper Bag (Hospital Edition)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I started off with a pink Victorias Secret Pink back pack a few weeks ago, but after packing it I realized at this time that would be to much to worry with. I really do not want to have to dig through a back pack with a new born. I am sure I will use one when she is a bit older though. So I took it back and started the hunt for the perfect diaper bag. I finally found this super cute one made by Carter's. & I got it from Babies R Us. 

Okay, I am known to over pack so there are probably tons of things
in the bag for Kenzie for our hospital trip that
are not needed. I would love some input on what to
pack or not pack. Since I am a first time mommy, 
any advice is good advice! :)

So wipes, a few diapers, the changing pad that came with 
the diaper bag, paci wipes, 2 pacies, lotion, rash cream, powder, 
hand sanitizer, and her pearl bracelet from her nana.

As of now the pink blanket is to take her home in. (since it could
be cold in Nov here in Georgia, lol) 2 receiving blankets, and one burp clothe.

Going home outfits. We prefer her to wear the purple dress that
her nana bought her, but I packed other things just in case it does not
fit her.

I also packed her some newborn oneies and some 0-3 month
onesies in case we are able to put those on her while we 
are there. 2 pair of mittens, stockings for her dresses, && 2 pair 
of adorable cozy socks that look just liker her mommies!! :)

&& of course her Boppy pillow. Which by the way I
found at TJMAXX for $24!!!! 

She is packed & ready to go, though i do need to buy her some hats/beanies to 
cover her head & ears with!!!


  1. LOVE THIS! Like I said the other day, I have been freaking out about what all to pack & I havent even got my diaper bag yet. I will be getting in a couple of weeks at the baby shower, so I guess no need stressing myself out about it. I am anxious to get it done with - I am the most impatient person EVERRRRR. I love all your little outfits and stuff. Mine will probably be all the same stuff, aside from pacifiers. We are not going to do them, because I just feel like it's just something else to have to take away from him (if he is anything like Madelyn who was way over 4 before she finally threw hers away). I may put in a bottle or whatever, whichever ones I decide to use... :) I am not planning on breast feeding because of my schedule and sharing feeding responsibilities. Love your new bag, too! I cannot wait to see mine - it's from Pottery Barn :)))

  2. I would definitely leave diapers at home. I'll be bringing wipes since with my first daughter, they had us use these little cotton squares with warm water. Pain in the butt! Be wary of the pacifiers.. I sent my daughter out of my room on two separate occasions - once for her hearing test and once to the nursery - and both times she came back with a hospital paci and not the ones I purchased. You don't really need any lotions or rash creams or powders. That is all available at the hospital for you to take advantage of for free! The Boppy is definitely helpful, and the onesies are adorable! So many people visiting and taking pictures, it's nice to have her wear something cute instead of the plain white hospital onesie!


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