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[Update] Me

Friday, November 23, 2012

Okay so I still need to do my Labor and Delivery post but I figured i would go ahead and do a quick random update post on me, post pregnancy.
It has been almost 3 weeks since i have had Kenzie (will be 3 weeks on Sunday).

This is on 11/16. So this was almost 2 weeks after giving birth.
I dont have any good pics yet, just a quick instagram shot lol.

I weighed 156 when i went in labor & as of yesterday (before the HUGE Thanksgiving meal I ate lol) I weighed either 142 or 143. Sadly I have already forgot! "/ So that means i have only lost 14 or 13 pounds. Which i was hoping was more, but i have slipped up and had a few candy bars & cokes here & there! Shame on me i know.
My tummy has gotten alot smaller super fast, & i thank breastfeeding for that.
While still pregnant i had gotten a few small stretch marks on each hip bone. So i thought that was
pretty awesome bc they could be covered easily. But since giving birth & losing weight i have been noticing some skin colored ones on my belly near my belly button, && a few on my thighs. So I am a little sad about that, but heck it was soooo worth it. Im to old to be prancing around showing off my body anyway lol. Im just hoping Keith is okay with all of it. :P

After coming home from the hospital i felt sore and stuff here and there. But over all I have felt pretty amazing these last (almost) 3 weeks. I guess that is mainly bc I was SOOO over being preggers & uncomfortable. I think for the first week i still got contractions and all while breastfeeding. & i still sometimes get an ache or a pain.
Breastfeeding has been great. Boobs hurt some, but over all I love it. Its def bonding time for me & Kenziepoo. && its so weird bc when its time to feed baby girl my boobs start to hurt and leak hahah! Even if she decides she is not ready, my boobs say they are! :P

Sadly, I still cant BUTTON any of my pre pregnancy jeans. But i must say, they were already getting to small before i get pregnant lol. I can fit in my tops of course, i wore them through my pregnancy anyway.

I guess that is about it, I am not going to get into all the GROSS things that you have to deal with after giving birth. You are WELCOME! lol.

Oh && I have to keep checking my blood sugar & let the dr know after about a week or so what my numbers look like. They have been good, so i do believe the gestational diabetes is gone. Though i def need to continue to eat healthy and stay active so i dont become diabetic down the road. But it does suck to know that every pregnancy I will have gestational diabetes! :(

I will probably do another update after my one month check up, which is soon of course. && I will do Kenzies first update after her one month check up. Since i dont know her current weight & such.

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  1. Loved this post. I think you look great for just having a baby! I am so glad that I did not ever get the diabetes, but I had no clue you had to still keep up with it after you gave birth. Bless your heart and yes, thanks for not going into details about the gross stuff - I don't need another reason to freak out at this point, HAHA!


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