Mama's Blessed : [Update] Kenzies 1 Month CheckUp

[Update] Kenzies 1 Month CheckUp

Monday, December 10, 2012

 Kenzie turned 1 month 12/4/12! <3
She had her 1 month check up 12/5/12!
These last 4 weeks have gone by so fast! I dont know if that is because of
lack of sleep or because i have enjoyed every minute with my Kenziepoo.
Dr said she is super healthy && to keep up our good work lol.

(sorry i didnt have time to do any hardcore photo shoot with her in a cute
 outfit for her one month update, life is happening lol. )

Weight: 7 pounds 10 oz
Height: the same, 20 1/2 in
Clothing size: newborn. Though some newborn clothing is to small and some
are to big. So i guess it depends on the brand.
Diaper size: newborn, but as of last night i tried size 1 on her. They look big but
that are working way better than the newborn ones. So its time to move on up!
I have tried Huggies, DG brand, Pampers, and Luvs. && so far I really like
the loves. She leaks out of the Huggies and Pampers. But maybe if i move up
to size 1 on those they may hold better. Who knows. I guess I will keep trying.
Feeding: My little booby baby eats alot. She can go 1 1/2 to 5 hours in between
Sleep: She pretty much sleeps all day, then gets up a little in the evening and
during the night. Now that i have been putting her in her crib to sleep she gets up
more because she is used to sleeping with us. So not much sleep for mommy!!
Milestones: She is starting to smile here and there, && she is starting to grab and
hit at her toys that are hanging from her little vibrating chair thingy!
Adventures: We love shopping. We visited fam for thanksgiving. && spent a
few nights a nana and pappys! She has had plenty of visitors over the last 4weeks.
&& we hope to get out and do more now that she is over a month!!
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Each other!!!

(Enjoying life!)


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