Mama's Blessed : [Update] Kenzie's 2 Month

[Update] Kenzie's 2 Month

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kenzie turned  2 months old on 1/4/13. She will be 10 weeks this Sunday.
She has already went for her 2nd month check up which was on the 4th. That was the
visit that she got her first set of shots (i do believe she will get more at her 4 month checkup).
She did great, only cried for a minute. The rest of that day she slept off and on.
I am happy to say she never developed a fever or anything.

She was weighed at 9 pounds 2.5 oz. Dr said she is doing great. I asked about the red patches on her eye lids and forehead. He said it was not a concern right now (he called them stork bites). She also has it on the back of her neck & head.

She has started wearing some of her 0-3 months & 3 months clothing. Most of her newborn
clothing doesn't fit. Target & Walmart newborn stuff still fits good right now.

She is in a size 1 diaper, and has been for a while now.

I LOVE her smiles and all the talking she does. && its so cute watching her try to laugh, because nothing comes out really except her little coo's and such. She squints her eyes up so much when she thinks something is really funny. Just like her mommy & daddy.

For the most part we no longer eat every 2 hours, we shoot for 3 hours. :) & I have been working hard ( & i read BabyWise) to get some decent sleep schedule in affect. She is actually doing great. She has slept 8 hours straight before waking to feed a few times. But it is mostly 6 to 7 hours.
I need to try to have set times for everything the best i can, but with keith coming home after 11 most nights, she is up wanting to see him, so we do not go to sleep at a decent time. & I know that will
be a problem for her later on. Daddy will just have to sneak into her room & give her kisses while
she sleeps!

She loves bath time. Its so funny because every time i lay her in her tub, on her mesh thingy she throws her arms out like she is falling and her eyes get all bugged out! haha, its tooo cute. She just sits and stares at me the whole bath. Then when I take her out to dry her off and get her dressed she likes to talk a little! :)

Sometimes she even talks to me while she is eating. That is adorable!!!

She is such a good girl, she loves going places. All she does is sleep when we are out or
just sits back and takes in her surroundings.

She rarely cries. && when she does its not for long and its for a good reason. She has never cried just to cry. Not even over a wet or poo diaper. She will just sit in that mess like a G til i get to her. haha!

Oh & did i mention she sleeps in her crib. In her room! :) Some times i wish i could let her sleep with me, but i know its better for all 3 of us if she is in her crib!

Almost every day that daddy is at work we video chat with him, and talk on the phone with him. She loves talking to daddy and seeing him on the phone. She gets disappointed if the phone rings and its not daddy. lol.

She has just recently found her thumb and she has been chewing on her hands. Mainly her right one.

(Sorry I am all over the place w the post. Im typing whatever pops into my head)

We are still ONLY breastfeeding. I do pump almost everyday. I have been freezing my milk and
also making bottles for when we get out of the house. Those bottles come in handy sometimes when she is eating alot and wants more at her last feeding. I will continue to only breastfeed as long as i can. I love it. I love the bonding. I love the fact that im saving money. & that Kenzie is getting the best.

I will be doing a 2 month favs/must haves post for me and Kenzie next.
&& I still need to finish my L&D post. It has been a "draft" post for over a month now!

I am sure I am forgetting things i want to update about, but oh well.



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