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Monday, February 25, 2013

I loved Instagram but after a while I would get random followers & creepers. I came across 23Snaps in my app store but was not sure what it was, until i seen some of my fellow IG mommies talking about it. & of course I had to jump on bored & join! I am so glad I did. Right after joining 23Snaps I deleted Instagram. I have not missed it one bit! 23Snaps is like IG except you can update stats & upload videos along with pictures. & you create your child a profile so that when you upload something you can tag their profile in it! You can even do growth updates. Great way for family & friends to watch the babies grow! The best thing about this app is that no one can view your stuff or profile nor search for it unless they have your email! You control who is creeping on your page & looking at your babies pictures. This is a family photo album type app but I would say its mainly for mommies!! <3
I love the app set up & the online site version too! That is another wonderful thing about this app, you can just use the online website too. 
Be sure to look up this app in your app store or online.


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