Mama's Blessed : Cloth Diaper Stash / Changing Station

Cloth Diaper Stash / Changing Station

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So as some of you know we are using cloth diapers on Kenzie.
I am just starting out & my diaper stash is not very big right now, but
I wanted to do a diaper stash post anyway.
I am also showing how I store everything on the changing table
as well.

This is Kenzie's changing table. Keiths mom got it for us from a friend. 
It needs to be painted but we have yet to do it because I do not 
know if I want to paint it white or another color. (Have a suggestion
on the color leave a comment)
Until I buy a changing pad cover I just lay down a multi use pad (babiesrus) & a 
receiving blanket. 
The pink bins came from walmart. One holds prefolds & the other holds
other cloth diapering accessories.
The clear plastic chevron bins also came from Walmart. I love
those things. I want to get more for her closet. They also come in 
a smaller size.
One holds the diapers & the other holds receiving blankets.
When my cloth diaper collection gets bigger I will
have to rethink the storage.
The other two pink bins are for lotions, medicine, and all
that fun stuff! The plain pink one is from Dollar Tree & the pink with the dots 
is from Walmart. The purple laundry mesh basket
came from Ross && it sucks!
Then on the right is a trash can from Walmart that is
used for her dirty diapers & wipes. 
I went with the trash can that did not completely seal 
shut because I have heard it is better to have some
ventilation to air out diapers. This way there is no horrible 
smell. I toss a Scentsy Scent Circle in the bottom of the
can to make it smell nice HERE 
I bought a pink Planet Wise washable liner for the 
dirty diapers. I throw that in the wash along with the

Here are all of Kenzie's diapers that she has so far. 
Not very many, but I think its a good start. 
She has 3 covers. & 10 pocket diapers.
The pink cover is Kawaii Baby & so is the leopard one thats on Kenzie
in the picture below. Ordered them from here
 The light pink bird cover is Bumkinz (love the
look, hate the diaper) Ordered from here. 
The hot pink diaper is a Charlie Banana from Target
The white and pink love diaper was ordered off
ebay. its a no name from China I think.
The pink and purple diapers are Shine Baby that I ordered off
ebay as well. They are from China also.Super Cheap.
The white is a no name & was sent to me by a friend!!!!
The blue cloud diaper is a no name or maybe Alva Baby that I ordered from 
someone in a Facebook cloth diaper group.
The white & black one is a SunBaby (one of my favorite brands), this one
was also sent to me by my friend to try out. The Hello Kitty diaper is a SunBaby
diaper too Ordered here.
The white star fish diaper is a SunBaby & was also sent to me by a friend! THANKS
GIRL!!! :)
&& the last one is an Alva Baby from ebay. Its Keroppi & I love it!!!

These are Gerber prefolds from Walmart & Target. & 
BabiesRUs prefolds.
Over all they both suck!

Just a few extra micro fiber inserts. An Awesome Blossom wet bag for her diaper
bag. & in the black and white Thirty One caddy I keep wash clothes that i use 
for wet wipes. & the spray bottle & squirt bottle with the homemade 

I am currently using the California Baby diaper cream on her. It states that it
is cd safe. HERE
& the other diaper cream SUCKS. I got this from Publix after 
googling about it. Read good things about it. But it did not help & was super
greasy. Its main ingredient is olive oil. 

 && here are most of her receiving blankets.

I will update this one day when the diaper stash grows & if i redo the changing table decor!

Here is the video to go along with this post! :)


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