Mama's Blessed : [Update] Kenzie is 13 Weeks

[Update] Kenzie is 13 Weeks

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just a Kenzie update since i have not posted one since month 2! 
She is 13 weeks today & will be officially 3 months tomorrow!

-We are now ONLY cloth diapering Kenzie & have been for two weeks i do believe.
-We will be using ONLY cloth wipes once our last 2 packs of wipes are all gone
-She probably weighs over 11 pounds now (last she was weighed she was at 10 pounds 11 oz & that was 1/23/13)
-She is holding her toys & grabbing at things better!
-She is teething & has been for weeks. She has a tooth coming in on the top in the back.
-She is sitting up & keeping her head up better but she still hates tummy time! :(
-I heard her 1st (& only so far) REAL giggle/laugh 1/19/13
-She makes MMM sounds/talk when she is crying and whining. (so maybe she will say mama 1st!)
-She is still sleeping in her own bed & doesnt get up til 7 or 8 am once she is put to bed.
-Now that she has found her thumb she tries to suck on it instead of paci.
-Since she is teething she has her hand in her mouth 24/7 & is always drooling.

-her Bumbo
-Bath time
-talking & smiling
-daddy singing to her (she sings along)
-ALL her toys that she can grab hold of
-staring at mommies boobies when she is hungry haah.
-her thumb


there is nothing for this list that i can think of the time!!! :)


  1. She is so cute in her little HK stuff! I am loving all of them!

    How are the cloth diapers working for you? Wish I had the patience but I start back to work next week, so and we are laundry hoarders in my house. He would run out of diapers before we got any washed.

    I cannot believe she is 3 months! :(

    1. Thanks girl! I had the hello kitty hat made to match mine! :)
      Cloth diapering is going good! had a few leaks here and there but that was mainly bc i was still learning how to adjust the fit of her diapers so they wont leak!
      Def worth doing! Saving money for sure! & once i start using cloth wipes i will be saving any more!!
      Its really not a hassle, even when working.
      You should give it a try for real! Yeah i hate laundry, but once you start cloth diapering its like an addiction/obsession so you enjoy doing diaper laundry lol.
      Yeah she is getting so big! && chunky!!
      Jaxon is adorable as always! How is mommy life?


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