Mama's Blessed : Nursery Tour [BEFORE]

Nursery Tour [BEFORE]

Monday, February 25, 2013

So far we have not done much to Kenzie's room, but i plan on starting this weekend! There is alot of decorating & organizing to be done. Since nothing is set in stone yet, if you have any ideas for us just leave them in the comments!! 

This is her changing table/station. This is where I keep all her cloth diapering things. & bath, lotion, medicine, & other products. To the left is a crappy clothes hamper, that needs to be replaced already!! & to the right is the trash bin that i use for Kenzies dirty cloth diapers. That pink liner is washable so I toss in in with the diapers when it is time to do diaper laundry. Need a changing pad cover & this area would look better i think.

 There is my mini just chilling (she soon after started throwing a fit lol) while moms takes pictures & videos. She is such a good girl! <3

Boring! Behind the door is where i just hang stuff as you can tell. :p The pink trash can came from walmart, & the sign beside it was a christmas gift from my step mom Lesley. I am thinking about hanging it above the door.

 Curtains still need to be put up. There is my Kenz again. My rocking chair that was given to my mom at her baby shower for me. My dad painted it & it was given to me at my baby shower for Kenzie.

 Closet tour to come later when its nice & organized lol.
 This cheap bookshelf came from target & so did the white lamp. Keith picked out the Scentsy warmer for her room, & i must say he did a good job!! I do not really know how i want to decorate the book shelf so right now its a hot mess. Oh btw on the very bottom there is a piggy bank, it was mine when i was a baby! 

 Her bed! Plain i know, but that's just for now. I found some super cute sheets i want to use but it will take some convincing to get hubby to let me get them!! Wish me luck. Oh && Kenzie is obsessed with that mobile!! Worth the money for sure. 

 Just another view of the boringnesssss.

 Thanks Jessie for this cute BAMA tutu!! <3 

 && that is pretty much it. I can not wait to decorate & post about her finished nursery. 
Here is the video of her room tour.

& here is my site where we got Kenzies warmer.


  1. I stumbled across your blog.. and I love your nursery! :) I have a little 10 month old baby girl.. and decorating/dressing her up.. is just the best! :)

    Kenzie is too cute. :)

    1. Thanks so much & i agree little girls are soooo fun!! && i checked out your blog!!! Love your lay out! So pretty! && love your headbands!


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