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[Organizing] Finance Binder

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I have a Home Management binder but I keep my finance things separate  I made my Finance Binder weeks ago, I wanted to make a blog post to show it. If you have one and do things differently, I would love to hear your way of doing it!!!

As of right now I just use a binder that i have had & was no longer using. I love cute binders but there really was no need to buy a new one when i could use this one. :) 

[[ Sorry for the horrible pictures, using my cell on a rainy day lol]]

- In the 1st side pocket I keep bills & things that need to be paid
- The 1st thing I have in my Finance Binder is my calendar. I just use my Google Calendar.
   I fill in my bills for the month & birthdays. (I am horrible with birthdays so i write them down
   on all my calendars, no matter what they are used for!

 - The next page is just a hand written list of all the bills for the month, then as I pay them
    I write down the date paid, amount, & conformation number. (This is just a blank example)

(I do not know why some of these pictures will not rotate to show better! POOO!)
- Next is a BILLS chart I found online. (this is a blank example) I list the bill, the date it needs to be 
    paid, & then each month when the bill has been paid i check it off.                

- Next I have a LOAN REPAYMENT LOG. (Blank example). I have one for each vehicle, credit cards,  
  & Mortgage. (Sorry the picture is to light to read most of the page) It has a spot for account number, 
  website, password, loan info, date to be paid, & such.

BTW- I have dividers separating some of these things. 
- After the Loan Repayment Log I have written out pages for all our bills and accounts. Here is 
  where I list the bill, account number, the website, username, password, date to be paid, & the
  amount to be paid. I also have bank account info listed as well.

- Next is a DEBT LOAD WORKSHEET. I use this for anything I have other than a monthly
  bill that needs to be paid. (Couldn't flip picture! :/)

- Last I have a check book print out. I do not carry a check book around with me so I use this.
  I toss my receipts in this page protector with these print outs so I will know to write them down! 

&& that is pretty much it! Like i said at the beginning of the post I would love to
hear your way of doing things when it comes to your finances or finance binder!!!


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  1. That’s a pretty tedious system, Ashley. Have you ever thought of doing these things digitally? A good bookkeeping tool can help you keep track of your finances in a less complicated way. You can still keep these for paper trail though.

  2. I believe that the electronic accounting system does not fit all.


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