Mama's Blessed : [Review] Charlie Banana

[Review] Charlie Banana

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Okay so I am new to cloth diapering & my collection is slim. Most of my diapers i paid no more that $6 for! & most are great quality. 

I was in my local Target last week & noticed in the baby section they had an end cap with Charlie Banana stuff (cloth diaper & accessory brand)! For me paying 15 & up for one diaper is crazy, but i just had to get one & try it out. There was a good selection of colors & patterns, & i just got the hot pink one. You Know! <3 There was also inserts, wet bags, and disposable liners available too. 

The diaper i bought is a OS (one size) but it has adjustable straps inside the pocket that are like bra straps. You can make the leg openings S, M, or L. At first i did not think i was going to like that.

I washed the diaper once before use. & the two inserts that it came with i washed twice before use. 
One insert is SMALL, & the other one is MED/LARGE. 

Kenzie has worn the diaper i think 2 times since I bought it. So far no leaking or issues. I love the look & feel of it. & the micro fiber inserts are thick and super absorbent! 


  1. Hi Ashley! I am a new follower and I've enjoyed reading your posts. Your daughter is precious!

    1. Thank you such much!! Im headed over to your blog now to return the follow. I love finding new blogs to read!


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