Mama's Blessed : Baby Has A Cold

Baby Has A Cold

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So if the title of the blog post did not make it very obvious, Kenzie has a cold. 
Being a first time mommy & this being Kenzie's first cold, I have been freaking out.
It makes me so sad to even hear her cough! 
She woke on Saturday sneezing & occasionally coughing. 
She is still coughing here and there & has red watery little eyes. 
At night is when she is the worse. 
Even though there has been no fever I still took her to the doctor today.
She pretty much said what I already knew.
Use a humidifier, nose drops, elevate crib mattress. 
For the most part there is no medicine for a baby with a cold.
 Which I am fine with because I do not want to give Kenz 
anything unless I have to. 

BOOGIE WIPES - I LOVE these things. They are definaely a must have for all babies
& kids! They are so gentle on the nose, way better than using a tissue. 
These bad boys get the job done, runny or crusty!

NOSE BULB - I think these things are actually called nasal aspirators. This thing is needed to clear 
up babys runny nose. This is also needed to use after using saline drops.

SALINE DROPS - Safe for baby. & can be used as often as needed!

VAPOR BABY BATH - It smells just like vicks vapor rub. & at first I was a little nervous to use on Kenz since the smell was so strong. But it worked so well for her. It is supposed to soothe and comfort a sick baby. It for sure clears up the nose!

HUMIDIFIER - A good thing to have while baby is sick, & probably even when not sick.  Helps break up congestion. 

When I was in Target buying more Boogie Wipes today I noticed there was a few different cough medicines for babies. Anyone tried them? I am a little nervous about trying them with Kenzie since the
doctor said that I did not need to use any OC medicines. 

Being sick has Kenzie sleeping ALOT!

She still plays and smiles even though she is sick.

I have been keeping her close by, even if I am watching t.v. past her bed time!

Oh && look who held her bottle up for the first time today! :)
We rarely use bottles, so this is pretty exciting!

As of today Kenzie weighs 13 pounds 3 ounces!


  1. Ashley, she is beautiful!! I wouldn't use any OC meds since babies are super sensitive to the ingredients. If the cold is bad enough, the doctor will prescribe something better. I just like to give David extra snuggles, snacks & milk :) Hope she feels better!!

    1. Thanks! <3 Yeah I have kept her by my side 24/7. Snuggles are helping def! lol.

  2. When my son was sick I used Vaseline for his runny nose it helped soothe it too. It's awful to see your child sick, all I wanted to do was take it away from them!! The humidifier works great I still use it occasionally when he has a rough night sleeping. I hope she gets better soon!!

    Personal question are you breastfeeding? I was only able to breastfeed for 5 months until I stopped it was a struggle for me.

    1. Oh I will have to try the Vaseline, thanks.
      Yes I am breast feeding. I want to breast feed as long as
      i am able.

    2. Good for you!! my goal was a year but I just was not able to produce much milk for little man. It's such a beautiful thing and the bonding is unbelievable. I hope she is felling better today.

    3. she is doing alot better thanks. yeah i love our bonding time. i am hoping i can make it to a year or close. some days i feel like my milk supply is lower than other days.

  3. Ugghhhh when your baby has a cold it is THE WORST!! My son has a little cold right now and we have been using the humidifier every night, Little Remedies Cold Rub on his feet and chest at night, and the NoseFrida snot sucker like it is going out of style. He developed a little cough recently and we discovered Zarbees Baby Cough Syrup - it is a MEDICINE FREE cough syrup that is made out of all natural Agave Nectar and is safe for babies 2 months and older! My pediatrician said it was absolutely fine and a great idea to try. We tried it and it was like magic! His cough was completely gone in a little over a day! I would try that with Kenzie at first sign of a cough. And of course breastfeed breastfeed breastfeed! :) Hope her cold is completely gone by this point!


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