Mama's Blessed : Breast Feeding Must Haves

Breast Feeding Must Haves

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I have just reached my 4th month of breast feeding & I love everything about it. I love the mommy+baby time, the fact that we are saving TONS of money, & how I can whip out my boob at any moment if needed. For the baby of course! No need to prepare a bottle or find a bathroom to get water. I have created a list of things that I have found that made my breast feeding experience easier & enjoyable. ( Some of these things do not apply if  I am nursing in public of course.) & remember this is MY list. If you are a BFing mama & do not use these items, awesome!

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1. I LOVE my Avent breast pump. I am able to make bottles for outings or for traveling. This will also help while feeding baby cereal. I can pump & mix the milk with the cereal instead of water or having to buy formula. ( the Avent bottles are amazing also.)

2. Lanolin. I do not use this daily nor alot, but when my nipples are sore or burning I turn to this. If I need it I will use before showering or right after feeding. For me one use makes me feel better.

3. My Breast Friend nursing pillow. I was so excited while pregnant when I purchased the Boppy pillow. I could not wait to nurse baby & use it. But right when I did I hated it! Thanks to my husbands mom, she bought me this
one when we got home from the hospital. I use it everyday! & it makes breast feeding more comfy. I do not have to hold baby in place & the pillow even helps my back.

4. Got to have my water. & sometimes something with more of a taste. :)
I use this Pampered Chef tumbler so I will have something to sip on
while my baby is sucking away! I actually take this cup everywhere.

5. Nipples leak, bad. & sometimes disposable ones do not last long.
I prefer to use the Avent washable ones. I bought two packs, & each pack 
comes with three pairs. I love them. They are soft & super cute (they have lace on one side). They do not leak through & I get to save some cash since I 
do not have to keep re purchasing. Just re washing!

6. Target, oh how I love you. You even have a nursing section!
I love the Gillian & OMalley nursing bra. I have two currently . Makes
popping out the boob super easy. & after constantly undoing the bra to 
feed, the bras have yet to mess up!!! 

&& Do not forget the most important breast feeding must haves; a BOOB & a BABY! Preferable your boob & your baby. Just saying!!!


  1. haha i love the lanolin cream already, and Amos isnt even here yet, because Ive been leaking since week 28, and have to use the washable pads in my bra everyday, plus the cream, its a lifesaver! and im glad i found my breast friend pillow for $7 at a consignment, I just hope I can breastfeed because I want too so bad! any tips/advice?

    1. well if you are already leaking then I am sure your not going to have any trouble BFing! Eat oatmeal & drink plenty of water. I know you dont like tea but that Mothers Milk is supposed to help. I hated it! I hear drinking a beer here & there will help produce more milk! I seen you posted on instagram of the pillow i think lol. Thanks a good buy! My mom in law got me mine! I never leaked through pregnancy at all. Def be patient!!!!!

  2. Love this!! I love this list and your blog looks great! You're near Atlanta right? Email me. I need some Scentsy and would love to get together for a play date!


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