Mama's Blessed : Cloth Diapering Essentials

Cloth Diapering Essentials

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thinking about cloth diapering but not really sure where to start? I have came up with a list of the basics needed to do so. 
I have not been cloth diapering that long. Only a few months, but I have the basics down. When it comes to cloth diapering there are so many options for everything. So this is just my choice of things. Have not started cloth diaper yet?! The best advice I can give is to GOOGLE & YOUTUBE everything! That is how I found out most of my information of CDing. Also, having someone that already cloth diapers is a plus! 

CLOTH DIAPERS- Okay so there are many types of diapers you can use. I am not going to list them all nor go into detail about any. I prefer to use pocket diapers & diaper covers with prefolds. If you are only going to use pocket diapers you will probably need around 12+ if you want to do diaper laundry every two days. If you are only going to use covers & prefolds, 4-7 covers will do the trick & maybe 2 to 3 dozen prefolds. 

CLOTH WIPES- Some cloth diapering families do not chose to do this. I use baby wash cloths. I do not use baby wipes at all. 20+ is a good idea.

SPRAY BOTTLE- If using cloth wipes you will need a spray bottle or squirt bottle to hold water or wipe solution. Be sure to pick something that is easy to carry in the diaper bag as well.

PAIL LINER- You will need this to put in your laundry pail for your cloth diapers. The best will be washable. That way you can just throw it in with 
the dirty diaper laundry. I only have one but I have figured out that two is best!

GARBAGE PAIL- This will be needed to store your dirty diapers.
Pick one with a lid, but one that seals completely is up to you.
I chose to use one that the lid doesnt seal & air can get to the diapers. I think it is less stinky that way!

AIR FRESHENER- Putting something in the bottom of your pail is 
a very good idea. For the most part the dirty laundry will not stink if just sitting in there for a day or two. BUT when there is a poo diaper I have found that having an air freshener in there helps.

RASH CREAM- This is very important! While cloth diapering you need to
use a cd safe diaper rash cream. If you do not, you will need to use liners. 
Personally I would rather just use what is safe than have to spend extra
money for liners. After all cloth diapering (for me) is about saving money.
Some people go the all natural way about it and use stuff like coconut and 
olive oil. Your choice.

DRYING RACK- Most if not all of the diapers will need to air dry. Even if the label says it is okay to dry the diaper in the dryer, it is best not to. This way the diaper lasts longer. Having a drying rack will also help during the warmer months, because the diapers can air dry outside. They will dry faster & the sun will help get stains out.

LAUNDRY DETERGENT- This also is very important. You want to use 
laundry detergent that is cloth diaper safe. There are tons of expensive 
cloth diaper detergents. OR you can use a regular detergent that is 
free of perfumes & dyes. To save even more money I decided to
use the detergent I got for the diapers on all our laundry. 
No need for all different types for different laundry! I just toss in a cap
of fabric softener to our regular laundry to make them smell nice!

WET BAG- This will be for the diaper bag. Picking one that has two zipper compartments is ideal because you can store the clean diaper, wipes, & solution in one part. & the dirty stuff in the other!!!

&& do not forget the most important thing, you will need a cute little 
baby butt to cloth diaper!!!

Hope this was helpful! Questions? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I don't choose to cloth diaper because it seems like way too much work but I love reading more about it! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments!

  2. Thanks for linking up your essentials!


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