Mama's Blessed : [Health] Fit & Healthy Friday- For April

[Health] Fit & Healthy Friday- For April

Friday, March 29, 2013


Okay so a fellow blogger (Finding Myself) posted today about her monthly health goals. & talked about The Fit & Healthy Friday link up. I thought it was an amazing idea, & would be a great way for 
me to get motivated & healthy! So I had to join in. 

From what I have read, this was started by The Life Unexpected & the kitchen-sink chronicles .  
This a monthly link up, the last Friday of every month. You plan the next months goals (4).
& if you have already participated that month you would also include what your goals were and how you did with sticking to those goals.

As I am typing this up I know I need to do this for real because I am enjoying a Reese Cup egg & Snickers egg lol. 

Okay so most people that know me, know that I am not very active & that I try to eat healthy but I still seem to over eat. :P

My 4 goals for April:

1. Walk 4/5 days a week for at least 30 minutes with Kenzie. ( I need the exercise & she could use
a change of scenery. & we both could use the fresh air & sun light.)

2. Do my work out video or just exercise 3 days a week. ( I will have to plan which days & post reminders everywhere in order for this to happen!)

3. Eat 3 HEALTHY meals & 2 snacks. NO snacks/junk [daily]. ( I will have to have my hubby on board for this to work also because he loves his sweets. & when they are in the house I am very tempted. & I 
almost always give in.)

4. NOOOOOOOO eating out. We eat out ( not just fast food) way to much. This will help me lose weight & get in shape but also help our wallets!

I have 4 goals that will help with my main over all goals. Lose weight, get healthy!

Current weight: 142.
Can not wait to check in at the end of April & see how much I have lost!

Want to join in?! Check out this POST  and get started now! 


  1. Welcome to the link up!!! It's hard to make these changes for sure! My hubs is really skinny and into sweets so that didn't help me at all! I convinced him to keep his junk food in his locker at work and in his truck to keep it out of the house. Helps SO much :)

    I'm excited to see how you do!
    Much love
    Heather @ The Life Unexpected

    1. Thanks so much! I really excited! I needed some motivation & I think this was it! :) So glad I came across this link up! That is a great idea (hub keep snacks at work or vehicle!) I will have to talk to him about that!

  2. Welcome to the link up!!

    Those are some great goals.. I sometimes wish we(my hubs and i) could say NO to eating out BUT seriously, aint no way thats gonna happen for us lol

    Best of luck and cant wait to see how you do!!

    1. yeah we live right by everything. so we are always going to restaurants. We actually do not eat a lot of fast food though.

  3. Fruit will be your best friend when it comes to sweets... also check and see if Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt is available at your grocery. Its light, flavorful, and just the right amount of sweet for 80 calories! I'm addicted!

    Thanks so much for joining us! :)

    1. i love greek yogurt! so i will def have to try that!!!


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