Mama's Blessed : [Kenzie] 1st Cereal

[Kenzie] 1st Cereal

Monday, March 4, 2013

Today Kenzie had her 4 month check up & the doctor asked if we were going to start on solids or not. I told her i was not sure & she said if i wanted i could go ahead & try to feed Kenzie some cereal to see if she even wanted it. So when Keith got home he fed it to her while i recorded them. Even though I am not sure she really liked it, she still ate must of it.

I mixed a tablespoon of Gerber rice cereal & a few tablespoons of baby water I bought at Target today. I also put some of the baby water in her bottle to help wash down the cereal but she did not like the water at all!

 I think tomorrow I will use breast milk instead of water. Maybe she will like it better then.
& I think we will feed her once in the evenings before bath time for a bit. & then maybe twice a 
day before we start on veggies & fruits. I want breast milk to be her main meal as long as possible since it is the healthiest thing for her!

& this is what happened as I was cleaning up the mess. She passed out! 
:) I put her to bed at 10pm, so we shall see how the cereal has an effect on her. She always
sleeps through the night, & i am praying the cereal does not mess that up!

Here is the VIDEO of her feeding!


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