Mama's Blessed : [Kenzie] Baby Carriers

[Kenzie] Baby Carriers

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Okay so up until this point I have not had a baby carrier. Well, I had one for like a day &
took it back because it was a piece of junk! 
Kenzie is getting to where she wants to be with me more, held that is.
& every time I drag out my stroller & car seat to just run in
one store, I daydream about toting her in a carrier.
Do not get me wrong, i LOVE our stroller. & I enjoy using it for walking
& when we are walking a mall or something.
But like i said before, a quick run in run out, I would prefer 
a carrier. & of course so I can do my daily things
with Kenzie instead of setting her somewhere. 

I want the ErgoBaby carrier, but I really do not want to pay $120
plus for it! So today I bought a used Infantino Sash Mei Tai carrier 
from someone locally to try out. Unless I fall in love with this thing
it will be used just until I can get my hands on a Ergo (cheaper).

1.  &  2.

Reason why I want the Ergo:
- 3 positions. ( front, back, & hip)
-The support for baby's hips & spine.
-Good on back. (the way it is created is so that all the weight from baby
goes to your hips not your back or shoulders.)

What the Mei Tai is about:
- Has a wrap & tye design to grow with baby, & fit you.
- No buckles.
-Supports baby in natural seated position.
-Good on back & shoulders.
-3 postions. (front, back, & hip)

Both of these are supposed to be better on baby's hips & spine.
Most carriers the baby's legs just dangle & lose circulation. 
& they are not good for their hips.

A friend shared this with me on Instagram & I also came across
it on Pinterest.

I have already used the mei tai carrier for a bit today.
Kenzie did not like it at first, but shortly after she passed out!!
My back started hurting so finally I had to take it off. 
I am not sure if that is because it was my first time wearing it
or if it is the carrier itself.
I will continue to use it over the next few days ( I will do a review on it) 
& if I love it & baby loves it I may not get an Ergo.
But if we do not, I am getting me a dang Ergo!!!!!


  1. We love our Ergo!! This one sound like a good alternative! Good luck!

  2. Ashley, great post! Not too many people are that aware about the baby hips and legs in the carriers. We have a Beco which can be expensive but its awesome! David fussed too at first but he got used to it. Looking forward to reading more! Oh and thanks for swapping ads with me, I am excited to get to know you!
    Blessings, Jacy

    1. I have not heard much about the Beco til last night when a few moms told me about it! I guess I need to look into that one too. && thanks as well with the swapping buttons. If you need a different size one from me let me know! && I have been loving catching up on your posts!


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