Mama's Blessed : [Kenzie] First Easter Basket

[Kenzie] First Easter Basket

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I am so excited about Kenzie's first Easter. I know that she will not
be as excited about her easter basket like she would be a year from now, but
I will be! 
I have not bought anything for her Easter basket yet, nor bought her
an Easter dress.
So I have came up with a few things I want to get her.
This may change when I actually start shopping though.
Along with these items I am going to be looking for
a Baby's 1st Bible. (I still have my baby bible, & I
want Kenzie to have her own as well!)
& maybe an easter book. I bought a Hello Kitty Easter book 
at Walmart a few weeks ago. It is on her book shelf with all
her other books, but I may add it to the basket since
it is going to be mainly Hello Kitty themed. 
I have some Hello Kitty shaped Easter eggs from a past Easter that 
I will probably put in her basket. & I know Target will have
cute stuff to add as well. 

1.  2. 3. 4. 5.

1. She has to have a bib (or maybe a onesie) that says Happy Easter or 1st Easter.
I am saving things like these & putting them in a bin where I will
also keep things I want to keep for Kenzie or things she made.

2. Hello Kitty Easter basket of course. & it can be displayed in her room too.

3. Love this Easter/Bunny themed outfit. This outfit can be worn 
after Easter also.

4. She has to have a Hello Kitty bunny! I also found one at Old Navy I may get 
instead of this one.

5. I seen a post on a blog I follow about this wooden teether. & I just have to
get it for Kenzie. I think it just the cutest!

Keep a look out for her actually Easter basket post! :)


  1. Such cute things! I'm so excited for the day that I am a Mommy and can celebrate the holidays with my little one :)


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