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My Night

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So this is pretty much what my evening/night consists of. I am going through Kenzie's clothing. I am sad because I have to take all the 6 month clothing out of the bin & put it in her closet. (I only keep things that fit in there) My baby girl is growing up. I think I need a cup of coffee too. What is your night looking like? && tweet me!!! @hell0ashleyy


  1. Are those ALL 6 month clothing?! Tessa is a shrimp and would still be in 3 mos if it weren't for her cute chunky thighs lol

    1. on the floor yeah. the bin has 6-9 and bigger. Kenzie is still in some 3 months & mostly 3-6 months. && she moving into the 6 months.


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