Mama's Blessed : [Pinterest] Just Some Decor

[Pinterest] Just Some Decor

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Pinterest post. Of course! 
I am obsessed with that evil website just like everyone
else. I have been look over all my pins for home decor
because I need to do some decorating.
& I figured I would post just a few ideas/plans.

Putting pictures on shelves is a plan I have for our living room. Just like
this pictures I will probably hang a few directly on the wall.

I really want a night stand for beside Kenzie's bed & I 
want to hang shelves for her decor.

I really like this idea for the stair case going down to our living room
& maybe even the stair case that leads to our bedrooms (not sure about that
one yet). Those will not be the colors I go with. & I am not sure 
what all I will put up. I sure do love printables though!

I am obsessed with this! I want to make this for Kenzie's room.
I mean LOVE is her middle name! It is perfect. I love
this color, though I was thinking maybe a pink color.

I want to make one for our front door, but I really
want to make something like this for Kenzie's door.


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