Mama's Blessed : [Update] Kenzie is 4 Months!

[Update] Kenzie is 4 Months!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kenzie turned 4 months today! (3/4/13) Which makes her 17 weeks & 1 day!

She is getting so big & growing so fast, makes me happy & sad at the same time!

She had her 4 month check up today, she also had to get more shots!

Weight: 12 pounds & 3 ounces
Length: 24 inches. 2 WHOLE FEET!!!

The dr said she was growing perfectly!
We also discussed her cradle cap. She has had it for months & loses so much hair!
She told me to use the original Head & Shoulders on her every bath &
leave it on there for 5 minutes before washing off. I also have to comb her hair, going 
against the cradle cap. She said since Kenzie's was pretty bad it would take 
probably up to a month to get rid of!
The doctor asked if she was getting some tummy time & all of a sudden
Kenz starts rolling over & back and forth. She showed her lol. 
She was such a good girl about getting her 4 shots!!! She
cried for a second & then was fine. 
She did get a little fussy later in the evening.
We also fed her cereal for the first time tonight. (there is a blog post 
on that). 

She is trying to sit up & pull her self up when sitting in boppy pillow
rolls over from front to back & back to front
during tummy time she pushes with her legs to scoot
She can hold toys better
lots of grabbing for things and hair
ate cereal for the first time today
tried water for the first time today
has said maamaa while whining
& has said daa, & tries to say dada when talking with daddy

Kenzie wears mainly 3-6 month clothing. & some 3 month depending on the brand,
We are still cloth diapering and using cloth wipes.
No formula, only breast milk.

She still sleeps through the night! Thank Jesus!
Her everyday schedule varies. Some days she sleeps all day, & some
days she stays awake more.

I am one proud momma!


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