Mama's Blessed : [Weekend Recap] Easter Weekend Part 2

[Weekend Recap] Easter Weekend Part 2

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday..
Keith had to work so Kenzie & I went to my moms for a little while. 

Let the games begin!


Easter basket from Moo-Moo & Grandaddy

Cow toy from Aunt Bon.



Little Bub with his Scentsy Buddy!

Sofie teether & stuffed animal from Grandmother.

She wants mommy & daddy to buy her an activity center.

My sister Brittany

Jessie & Kenzie.

'Merica. haha. ( It is a nerf gun.)

Ended the night with some homemade Spinach Alfredo pizza.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome Easter! Love the basket that has Kenzie's name on it! Sophie is the absolute #1 in our house! I tried to dye deviled eggs like that for Easter. They came out cute, but not as awesome as those! Who made those and how?! lol

    1. My mom made the eggs. she said she did it the same way you would color the shell. with water, food color, and vinegar. She just did all the cutting first the colored them. then filled them.


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