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While I Make My Coffee

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It is a beautiful morning but coffee is a must today! Keith woke me up before 7 am to let
me know Kenzie was hungry. After feeding her I put her back to bed but I have not laid back down
yet. I decided I should just get up since the kitchen needs to be cleaned & I have a ton
of other things I want to get done today.

I figured while I wait for my coffee I would write a little blog post. You are welcome! :P

Things I need to do today:
- take back the VS outfit (so sad, but it does not fit!)
- pick up print from Office Max that I should have got days ago!
  (Will post about those later today i hope!)
- find picture frames for prints
- school work. I want to do at least one test by tonight!
- go back to Target & get those cute crib sheets I seen the other day.
- CLEAN & LAUNDRY (always on my list)
- Work on blog design

As of right now those are the only things I can think of that I hope to get done today. 
But who knows, I may have to update this list later.

Oh yay, COFFEE is ready! <3


  1. Coffee is a must EVERY morning for me. My little one gets up anywhere from 6:30am - 8am and I usually dont get to sleep until about 11pm so I'm beat. I wake up, feed baby, and then feed mommy ... and by feed mommy I mean make myself some coffee. :)

    1. haha! Yeah I normally drink daily but while pregnant i didnt drink & now that I breast feed I try to not drink every day. Bc with my coffee I could drink it all day! :P & I just broke my coffee pot the other day, waaaahhhh!!!


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