Mama's Blessed : [Cara Box] APRIL - Green

[Cara Box] APRIL - Green

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Okay so I came across a few blog posts weeks ago about CARA BOX
After being sent over to WIFESSIONALS I was sold, & had to be apart of it. 

CARA BOX- Bloggers get paired up together, e-mail back & forth to get to know each other, then 
send them an awesome package in the mail. 
The package is themed different every month. So when buying the gifts, they have to go along with the 
theme. Want more details on the Cara Box visit Wifessionals

This months theme was GREEN! AWESOME!!! <3 

I was assigned to send TERI a Cara Box. I enjoyed getting to know her! You can check out what I got her HERE.

Elise over at BEEXTHREE was assigned to me. :) I just recieved her box today! I am in LOVE!! && I really am glad I got paired up with her. I think we are a lot alike! 

So here is my awesome GREEN Cara Box:

Thanks so much girl! <3


  1. Hey girl! Love your blog.. The Elephants are adorable!!

  2. LOVE the bamboo towels! I am intrigued.

  3. I love those bright green bags!

    Jennifer @


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