Mama's Blessed : [Challenge] 10 Day YOU Challenge Day 1

[Challenge] 10 Day YOU Challenge Day 1

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Okay so I stumbled across this blog challenge on Pinterest . & decided I would try it out!

10 Secrets

-I am obsessed with watching mommy/family vlogs.
(I have cut off watching them for a week so far, & guess what!! 
I am surviving lol)

-I am terrified of getting an allergic reaction to anything now.

-I DO NOT watch scary movies. They scare me.

-Every night before bed I check all my doors about 5 times to see if they 
are still locked.

- When using a pot, I HAVE to rinse it out twice.

-I sometimes find myself thinking about Kenzie 
sharing a room with me & Keith. I want her with me

- It makes me sad when I think about leaving Kenzie.
(daycare, babysitter, school)

- I love 80s & 90s shows, movies, & music. 

-Im addicted to reality t.v. & Canadian shows.

- I want to eat ALL healthy, but I just can not seem to put down the
cheeseburger & Snickers bar. haha.

Okay that is ten, though I do not know if they are really considered secrets.

Someone join in!!!!



  1. I <3 the 90s too!! oh and the early 2000s.. entertainment just isn't the same now a days lol..boy, I sound old haha!!

    I'm with ya on the eating healthy.. seriously, I wish I could and I REALLY REALLY want to but I cant get enough of pizza and sonic lol

    1. Gosh I looooooove sonic!!!! I love the cherry limeade & the jalapeno popper things!

    2. Mmmm!! I might have to get sonic for dinner tonight! ;)

  2. • I have a nightgown of my memaw's folded up real tight in my dresser drawer, sometimes I pull it out and I can still smell her:-)
    • Every night before I go to bed I pull my covers back and look under them. I dont know what the heck I expect to find, but I do it anyway.
    • I wanted to be a writer, artist, or kindergarten teacher when I was younger.
    • I have always wanted to learn to play the drums.
    • When I come home alone, I go to every room, turn the light on and check the room. Even the closets, haha. Paranoid!!
    • I will not eat a banana unless I slice it in bite size
    pieces. It taste different. Stop laughing, it does!

    • The sound of children singing almost always gets me choked up.
    • When I 12 years old, I made a promise to someone and have kept that promise to this day.
    • I heard a missionary from China speak once about all of the orphaned children they have, and ever since then I have wanted to adopt me a Chinese baby. Lol
    • I am sentimental and have kept things from my childhood. So if you passed me a note in 4th grade or sent me a birthday card ever, chances are, I still have it.

    1. Hey looking under the covers is a good idea, there could be a spider or something! When i am away from home I do that!
      I do the same thing about checking rooms and closets and stuff. I have done that for years. I am getting a LITTLE bit better about it!
      Keith & I always wanted to adopt a Japanese baby lol.

  3. I feel the same way about scary movies!!

    1. i know right! I stick to my comedies & kid movies lol.

  4. Can anybody do this?! It looks fun :)

    1. Yes of course. I just found it on pinterest!


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