Mama's Blessed : [Challenge] 10 Day You Challenge Day 5

[Challenge] 10 Day You Challenge Day 5

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Five

Six Places

-My comfy bed - where I love to be. Some times with Keith or Kenz. :)

-Oklahoma - no longer there, but I miss it.

-Japan - where Keith & I want to go.

-Canada - another place we want to go.

-His arms - wrapped in my hubby's arms is where I love to be.

-Church - I want to find a church to go to. I miss going.

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  1. Hey Ashley! I am a new follower and wanted to stop by and personally thank you for linking up at my blog hop (Let's Be Friends). Glad I can follow your awesome blog! Super excited for more! I wanna go to Japan too!! :)



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