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Go Green Goals

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Earth Day is April 22nd & I figured I would write me up a GREEN post! :) There are so many things I want to do to go green. Most will help us save money! I want to try to do all these ASAP, but I am sure that I will not be able to do all at once.


1. Bring my own grocery bags when shopping. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS. ( I have tons of those reusable grocery totes & I ALWAYS forget to take them. Maybe I should keep them in my car! )

2. Go paperless in the kitchen! No more paper towels. Instead use cloth towels & napkins for cleaning & using in general. Oh & microfiber cloths for windows & glass.

3. Recycle. This will be a very hard one for us. 

4. Use dishwasher. Have one but have never used it since we moved in. Using the dishwasher will use less water than hand washing everything.

5. Continue to make my own cleaning products. I need to make some laundry detergent! ( With Kenzie having her cold or whatever it was, & then my allergies going psycho on me, I broke down and bought some cloroxx wipes. )

6. Go paperless with all bills (if available). I already pay pretty much everything online anyway.  

7. Buy & use dry erase board for making my lists & calendar. Stop using so much paper!!!

8. Use my cell phone apps for calendar & my lists as well.

9. Though I LOVE having a physical book in my hands, I want to either buy books used or buy  ebooks. 

10. Shop at the local Farmer's Market for veggies & fruit.

What are some of your goals, or plans for Earth Day!?


  1. These are good ideas! It is so easy to recycle here in Jacksonville b/c they have curb side recycling on the same day as trash day. I'm ashamed to say we miss some days! I want to get better at that.

    1. I never recycle but i want to! Need to!


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