Mama's Blessed : [Haul] Thriftin' Is Easy

[Haul] Thriftin' Is Easy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

While I was pregnant I became obsessed with thrift stores. Well, mainly just the ones by my house. After buying one pair of maternity capri jeans for 30 bucks at Target, I decided to only buy used cheap maternity clothing. The only thing I purchased new other than the capris were my nursing bras. 
Once I started shopping at my two local thrift stores for maternity clothing I was kind of addicted to it. & thank goodness the things were cheap! One of the stores has weekly sales, determined by the date on product. So I bought most of the items for 50-75% off the stores price tag! Getting an adorable maternity top for $1 is AWESOME, & getting maternity jeans for $3 is AMAZING! :P I also got Kenzie some hair bows that were hand made from there. & a few outfits. 

Well me & Kenzie went back the other day to see if we could find any summer clothing for her & an activity center. I did not find the activity center at either of the stores. :( But I did find some cute outfits!

I actually bought a jacket for Kenzie in the winter from the same store that
I find this lady bug onesie!! So I had to get it! :)

This dress/onesie is my favorite! Love is Kenzie's middle name!

I also am apart of a few local YARD SALE facebook groups. These groups are for buying & 
selling stuff. I came across this bug activity center & only had to pay $15 for it!
It just needed some cleaning up. The only thing that sucks is all the 
toys are leaning to the side. When they should be standing up straight.

I also bought these two one pieces from the same lady I got the activity center from.
They will hopefully fit Kenzie by this coming winter.

I love buying NEW things, but USED things are just as nice. & CHEAPER!!


  1. Those little outfits are adorable! I love the pink one with the palm trees :) These pictures make me wish I had a little girl.

    1. yeah that one is an Old Navy onesie. I am so happy that i have a girl. so much more fun to dress up! :)

  2. Smart girl!!! I love Kenzie's new stuff!

    1. Thanks, her seat for the center is almost dry so I will post pics when she gets in it! :) I showed it to her last night before I finally put her to bed & she spit her paci out across the room & smiled lol. :P love you!

  3. hey thanks for stoppin by my blog<3 I used to be quite a snob w hen it came to thrift stores the idea of wearing something someone else wore kind of eeked me out. But now that im older and of course we all have those moments when were out buying clothes and say OMG am i seriously spending this for THIS? I have also seen some awesome outfits people are wearing and when they say that they got them at thrift stores im amazed because a lot of the things can be new and extremely cute.
    I love the last pink cheetah outfit... so cute!!
    -Annastasia xox

  4. Very cute! I LOVE thrifting! I have for as long as I can remember. You might check Craigslist too. It's totally hit or miss and there are a TON of flakey people on there but every now and again you can get a really great score. We got Benjamin's changing table and mini crib for $80 total and I just got him an Exersaucer for $15!

    1. oh good deal on the crib & changing table!!


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