Mama's Blessed : [Update] 5 Months Old

[Update] 5 Months Old

Friday, April 5, 2013

I can not believe my mini is 5 months as of 4/4/13.
She will be 22 weeks April 7th.

She has done so much over this past month.
She got her first cold this month! :( 
She did not really act sick but she had
a cough & runny nose 
& sounded kind of wheezy.

Kenz had her 4 month DR visit 3/4/13.
She got her shots. Was told to use Head & Shoulders 
to get rid of her bad craddle cap. 
I have been using it on her every bath, & it is almost completely
gone. && her hair is growing back, thank goodness!
At that visit she was weighed at 12 pounds 3 ounces 
& 24 inches long.

I took her back to DR 3/26 since she was
sick. She was weighed at 13 pounds 3 ounces.
& the DR told her she looks just like her mommy!
Made my day! 


-Puts paci in mouth but will not let go. lol.
-Tried oatmeal cereal for the first time 3/9
-Tried rice cereal for the first time 3/4
-Grabs feet & can put in mouth.
-Held bottle first time 3/26. She is mainly breastfed 
so that is why she is just now holding bottle lol.
-Grabs you & gives baby kisses.
-Talking more, words almost.
-Sat up (forward) on her own first time. 4/3
-Tried banana first time 3/30

She met her aunt Bridgette, & cousins Dustin & Creeklynn 
this past month!

She celebrated her first Easter this year. At her nana & papa bears, with mommy & daddy,
& at her MooMoos.

Her black & white book.
Eating solids if I let her lol.
Getting out of the house.
Bath time.
Daddy singing & funny dances.
Pulling hair.
Giving kisses.
Her feet.
Sofie (teether & plush).

She can wear very few 3 month size clothing. Some 3-6 months, but mainly 
6 months clothing.


-Getting dressed if it takes more than a minute.
-Teething. (Has not been dealing with that to much lately)
-When mommy or daddy is not paying attention.
-Baby water.
-Rice cereal.
-The nose bulb thingy. Makes her cry :(

She had pictures taken with her cousin Jayden this past month
& some taken by the same photographer that
took Keith & my maternity pictures.
Can not wait to see those.

 Today was the 4th day eating banana. We do not feed her solids everyday. I mainly just breastfeed.


  1. Look at all the milestones she is reaching! Love all of the pictures of her on her tummy - she's just too adorable :)

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah I am so proud of her!

  2. I loved using Mustela's line of cradle cap and shampoo products on my babies; a little gentler than an adult shampoo and did wonders for cradle cap.

    Now following via GFC. I would love to have you link up on my Bloglovin Blog Hop!

    Bloglovin Blog Hop

    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc

    1. Well the dr had been telling me for a while to use head and shoulders but i refused to bc its so strong. Finally this past dr visit when she told me to use it I knew I needed to bc Kenzie's hair has been falling out bad & the cradle cap was horrible!

  3. Auch, time flies by so fast! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. She is so BEAUTIFUL just like her mommy! She makes my heart smile!

  5. So beautiful!! I wish I kept track of those milestones for David. My memory stinks lol Lovely photos and awesome development, good job mama :)

    1. Thanks ladyy! The only way I remember things is bc I write everything down in my pregnancy notebook. I now use it for her progress. I want to put it with all the things that I will give to her later on.

  6. Cradle cap is a beast! Cute lil' one!


  7. Ashley she is so beautiful! I love the banana pics

    :) have a great weekend

    1. Thanks girl! :) Yeah she was getting messy!

  8. She's so cute! Our babies are only 4 days apart :) She's a beautiful little girl


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