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[Organizing] Kind Of Organized Mommy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I already have a hard time remembering things, & then throw a baby in & I am screwed!
For the most part in order for me to remember anything I have to write it down
or use an app on my cell to remind me. 

I keep all my daily things I need in this Thirty-One BAG. This makes my daily life
just a little easier. I go to this bag for paying bills, appointments, Kenzie updates,
blog info. Everything really.

I make lists & notes every day. & I would be lost with out my 
planner. I would never know what has to be done on what day. 
But of course I have an app on my cell that I add everything to also.
So if I was to lose both I would be screwed for real.

{Finance binder, home management binder, notepad just for notes & blog stuff, 
STICKY NOTES, my pregnancy notebook which is now used for Kenzie updates, my
planner which is hideous! It is just a cheap simple one. I want a really cute one.
 I also keep my school work, bible, & coupons in this bag too.}

I am trying to keep my SCENTSY business stuff separate from these things.

On my cell I use COZI. This is the best app ever! Has a calendar, to do lists, shopping 
list, journal/notepad, & if you upgrade & pay for the app you can keep track of
birthdays & more. I am totally thinking about doing it. 
The awesome thing about this app is that you can have your family members
download the app & you can all sync the app. Meaning, important dates & 
shopping lists can be seen by all the family. I am so trying to get my husband
to download. :) Also, I love how I can also sign into my account on my
laptop & use it there as well.

How do you stay organized?! Have any useful tips!? 


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