Mama's Blessed : [Weekend Recap] Soon To Be Golf Buddy

[Weekend Recap] Soon To Be Golf Buddy

Sunday, April 28, 2013

{Thursday} We consider this day to be part of the weekend because it is my husband's first day off. So it is kind of like his Saturday.
Kenzie & I had some errands to run. I found her her first golf set at Babies R Us. Now when we go watch daddy practice golfing, she can too! :)

Kenzie & I wore our Harley Davidson gear together. 

I recieved my Cara Box! 

My mini & I went for a quick walk. It was super nice outside.

She was wore out!!!

Talented! <3 

{Friday} Daddy went to the driving range, so we went to Target & Starbucks. We brought daddy a Vanilla Bean Frap back to him, but they were done practicing by the time we got back. :( Kind of lame since we wanted to hang out & watch. PIZZA DAY <3
[[Sadly no pictures Friday.]]

{Saturday} The 3 of us went on the hunt for a baby walker. Finally found one at Target & Kenzie could not touch the ground & she kept crying. Plus it was missing a small piece, So I am taking it back. So, the hunt continues. STARBUCKS, of course. Hit up some thrift stores.

{Sunday} Daddy went back to work. :( & it stormed most the day so we stayed in bed. That was until some family came up to visit for a few hours. [Mom, Billy, Britt, Tron, & baby Jayden] Kenzie got to have some MooMoo & cousin Jayden time. They brought me a personal sized pizza from Schlotzsky's Deli. YUM. I made Taco Bowls for dinner. & daddy thought Kenzie to golf. 

[[Daddy teaching Kenzie Love to golf.]]


  1. Great weekend! I am a Starbucks and Target fan myself :). New fan from Monday Mingles. Please stop by my blog party happening now till Monday night. I look forward to seeing you there :)

    The Wondering Brain

  2. Sounds like you had a blast this weekend. Cute lil one you got there. Found you thru a blog hop.

    Would love a follow back!

    Hope your week is great.

  3. You're my first follower! You've got no idea how much that just made my day!

    Your little girl is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I'm obsessed with the anchor outfit!

    My future hubby is a big golfer, too! Hope your Monday is going well!

    1. AWWWWWW! <3 I remember when I got my first few followers, I was stocked! Thanks! && the outfit came from Target. Love me some Target! Mine is going well, hope your day is great too.

  4. Hey Ashley, thanks for following! I'm following you back now - and not just because I love golf and that video was the CUTEST THING EVER ;) I'm glad you had a great weekend!

    Meg @

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I love that baby anchor dress!
    Stop by some time


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