Mama's Blessed : [Weekend Recap] To Much Golfing

[Weekend Recap] To Much Golfing

Monday, May 6, 2013

» Sorry for the pictures being a hot mess at the end of this post & not in right order. Wahh!! I am posting from my cell phone!!«

Thursday- Daddy went golfing so Kenzie & I just spent the day at home. Relaxing.
Kenzie has been teething & not sleeping well because of it ;(
I worked out a bit & even with my mini. She loved it.

Friday- Daddy went golfing again. Gaaaaaaa. So i cleaned the house & packed. { We have to pet & house sit for his parents. } That evening we headed to their house.

Saturday- Since Keith went golfing AGAIN with a different friend at a course by his parents, Kenz & I decided to meet up with my mom & cousin Jaybug! We went to a few thrift stores, Front Porch of the South, & ate at Captian D`s. { that was first time eating there since i got pregant¡¡}
Then Keith met us at the mall { it was raining so much that he did not finish golfing}. We all got Starbucks & hit up a Golf store. lol. We went back to parents for the night & had friends visit for a bit. One of my besties, Brandy, got to meet Kenz for the first time. » Oh & someone turned 6 months Saturday!!«

Sunday- Keith went golfing yet again. I think that is enough for a while! What do you think?! Kenzie & I stayed in the house and did a little cleaning up & laundry. Wished it was warm to go swimming!!! I brought Kenzie some swim gear for nothing!! Poo.

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  1. See, you should learn to golf, then you can join in on the fun! ;) Is that your pool??? It is seriously amazing, I hope it gets warm for you soon!


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