Mama's Blessed : [Fluff] Current Diaper Stash.

[Fluff] Current Diaper Stash.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Okay so my friend had a yard sale which included all her cloth diapers stuff { She had a diaper service } so of course I had to check it out! I ended up with tons of cding goodies. I bought some things used & some things new. { 5/26}

{ pail liner, cloth wipes, prefolds, goodmama diapers, wool cover,
snappies, Thirsties pocket diaper, Happy Heinys pocket diaper, wipe solution, 
diaper key chain, Bummis covers, lanolin for wool, & a Thirsties cover.} 
Horrible picture I know!

My day was made. I plan on shopping at her house again soon, if 
she has stuff left!

How cute is this Happy Heinys keychain? 

I also grabbed 30 new cloth wipes. I have been using baby wash cloths this whole time, but I
think they are kind of rough on Kenzie's tushie. So far I love these things. They are super soft.

Since I have added to my stash { a few times } since I posted about my 
diaper stash, I figured I would go ahead & do an update. 
I am not going to show how I store them yet because I have run out
of space using the set up I have been using from the beginning. So I am
trying to figure out a new set up. Ideas welcomed!! 

Here is the stash. 


Charlie Banana.
No Name.
Alva Baby.
Kawaii Baby.
Happy Heiny,
Good Mama.
Shine Baby.

& I have inserts & prefolds.

Want to know what a certain diaper is, or my option of it just ask! :)

To all you cloth diapering mommies & mommy to be's I would love to
see your diaper stashes! 

This is the whole diaper stash, minus the one she was wearing of course! That one 
was the purple Kawaii cover. { one of the 1st diapers I bought }

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  1. Looks like you wrapped up some good goodies. That's always nice. I like how there's different yet cute designs. I'm not sure I'd ever use clothe diapers or wipes. Too much washing already as it is. I can only imagine when one day when I have a kid and how it would be if I used cloth wipes or diapers. More power to ya gurl.


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