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Ideas [Blog Posts]

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I was thinking about taking a break from blogging. Not that I really blogged that much in the first place. :/ I may be a stay at home mom to one little {adorable} girl, but 5 days out of the week I tend to two other children in my home. Let's just say... I really do not have time to do much when I have all three kids together. & on my days off I am usually catching up on cleaning the house, because Lord knows it is hard to clean {& keep clean} a house full of kids under 4! But, I love blogging/writing. So i have decided to try to make time. 

I think setting up a weekly schedule of what I am going to blog about will help me. As of right now Mondays I am doing the {52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose} & Wednesdays { My Week Of Confessions}. I need things/topics to fill Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. I do not want to have anyting posted on Sundays for sure and maybe Saturdays. I want to continue to post about Kenzie since she was the whole reason Hell0ashleyy was created, whether it be favorites, videos, cloth diapering, breastfeeding and so on. 

I would love some ideas & suggestions for topics and such! I have a list of blog posts I want to work on, but like I said I want to have a topic plan for the days of the week. & I will post them on the days they fall. 

So my questions for you are:

What are things you like reading about on your favorite blogs { or anywhere really } 

What would you like to see more on my blog?

{ & you are welcome for the adorable pictures of Kenzie Love Lee! }


  1. I love to read your blogs! I love my sweet Kenzie!

  2. I love your blog. But here's an idea post scheduled post to go up that way you dont have to sit at the computer daily and post blog posts. Unless you read daily like me.

    Lets see. I like to see pics on my fave blogs. About me page. ABC page. I did one a while back LOL.

    Guest bloggers are great too

  3. Oh my gosh!!! She is soooo cute! :)

  4. She is a doll!!


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