Mama's Blessed : My Week Of Confessions {1}

My Week Of Confessions {1}

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today Elise posted about her {Week of Confessions} & I liked the idea, so here I am. Typing up my own little list of confessions for the week. I am guessing this is an every Wednesday type of post, so I will try to keep up with it. 

1. I confess... Now that I am babysitting daily { 2 kids now, other than Kenzie} I am rethinking having another kid anytime soon. 

2. I confess... I have let my house go to shit for the past few weeks. Who am I kidding, it has not been fully cleaned in a while now!

3. I confess... I have the intention to read my Bible & do my bible studies every morning, but find something more important to do. Usually sitting in front of the computer.

4. I confess... I have been feeling extra fat & ugly lately. But still want to cram my mouth with food & sit on my ass!

5. I confess... I have spent WAY to much money at Starbucks. 

6. I confess... I am pretty sad that Secret Life is done & over with. { I want to know how it all turned out dang it!!!}

I would love to hear one {or two} of your confessions for this week!!!


  1. I confess....Cleaning house has lost that loving feeling! Now it's Gone, Gone, Gone!
    I confess...I want to lose weight, but my love for JUNK far outweighs Me!

  2. Thanks for linking up, Ashely! I adore those elephants on your header, cuter than cute!

  3. Thanks for linking up with Paige and me! Your header is absolutely fabulous! I feel you on number 4. Lately I've been like, "Ew I'm gross, but these chocolate chip cookies aren't!"

  4. I'm grabbing your button hun and putting it on my buttons page on my blog. I agree with you on alot of these. Esp about reading the bible and doing devotion. and Secret Life disappointed me and just ended. I didnt even watch it. Can you do a recap for me. LOL


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