Mama's Blessed : My Week of Confessions {2}

My Week of Confessions {2}

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life is But a Stream of Thoughts

Okay this is my 2nd week of confessions!
Be sure to check out Paige's & Sam's confessions for this week too!

Here goes!

- I confess.. that I have made myself {& drank} more iced soy
lattes that I should have.

- I confess.. I have thought about working on my current
school project/test. But have not touched it in days!

- I confess.. I was jamming out last night to the performances
on The Voice finale. & was super happy when Danille won!

- I confess.. I almost peed myself when I noticed that the new 
season of Degrassi comes on THIS Friday!

- I confess.. I was just at Target Monday, but plan to go back today
because I have been hearing that the Charlie Banana cloth diapers are
50% off!!! 

- I confess.. Kenzie has enough cloth diapers but I want more!! 

-I confess.. when I am old & NEED to wear diapers, they have to be cute cloth
ones. Of course!

I would love to hear a confession or two of yours!!!

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  1. I was definitely jamming during The Voice myself! Thanks for linking up, Ashley! :)


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