Mama's Blessed : OLD {when i had guest post} [Kenzie]

OLD {when i had guest post} [Kenzie]

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This post is not really an update, I will do one of those after Kenzie goes to
the doctor for her 6 month check up & shots. This is just a proud mamma bragging.
I am so in love with this girl. She is not only my daughter but also my best
friend. We talk, a lot. lol. I pray that we will continue to stay 
that way as the years go by.
It took the husband & me over 4 years ( & a few miscarriages) to 
get this little cutie. 
I have a beautiful baby, I know. Be jelly!

This was taken the weekend before Easter 2013.
She looks happy, but she was throwing a fit most the time.
The worse I have seen so far. DIVA.

(Roll Tide by the way!)

Kenzie Love Lee is her name. Some people hate that Love is 
her middle name. & to those I say, SHE CAME OUT OF MY

She is a mess. & super smart. I mean she knows that after she toots
that she is supposed to laugh!! Come on. 
She even asked me the other day "Where's dada?" & she is not even 6 months.
Of course, that is not what she meant when she said it.
But she still said it. & I almost peed myself.
I love hearing her say mama. If only she said it as much as
she says dada. 

She is a titty baby for sure. <3 I say boobies & she smiles.
She knows mamma is about to pop one out & it is
milk time! Or she will just stare at them til I do.

Oh & she ride horses! Does not walk or crawl but
rides a horse like a boss! :P

I love carrying that girl. 

Figured I would throw a FAVORITES in here! 

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  1. Cute post! She looks like such a sweetie. My 6 month old KNOWS what boobs are for, too. God help me if I have any cleavage showing, because she tries to burry herself down my shirt ;)


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