Mama's Blessed : [Update] 7 Months

[Update] 7 Months

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My little baby love is 7 months today! <3
{30 weeks} 
She is growing so fast & her personality is just a
shining & showing more as the days go by!
She is such a flirt & super outgoing. 
She even had a man walk up & say he was married
to stop flirting with him. HA!

Weight- I am sure around 15 pounds. Maybe over.
{At her 6 month appointment last month, she weighed 
a little over 14 pounds. DR said she is on the small side, 
but healthy.}

Clothing- Mostly 6 months, 6-9 & 6-12. & i have found a few 3-6 
that kind of fit.

Eating- She is still breastfed as her main source of milk/food.
I am not sure yet when I plan to stop.
I have recently started feeding her baby food twice a day.
I claimed I was going to only make her food, but
I became obsessed with the baby food that comes
in those cute, super convenient pouches. 
Though I do want to start making her food again

Diapers- We are still cloth diapering. There is no
plans to change that! I love being told I am such a
cool, good mama for cding! <3

What's New

- 1st front tooth came in {5/31}
- Can sit up fully on own. falls over some.
- Trying so hard to crawl. {humps/scoots the floor lol}
-Rolls everywhere!
- Loves being in the pool.
- Gives high fives.
- Talks EVEN more.
- Loves to sleep on tummy.
- Says DA DA all day long now. 
{what happened to saying mama?! sadface.}
- Screams {happy} as loud as she can.
-SMILES non stop.

She loves her toys. But this is her buddy!

Sleep- I posted about it HERE {she has been taking 3 short naps a
day for the past 2 weeks. Normally it was only 2, occasionally 3.}

She loves being worn more & more! When I go to Target I HAVE to wear her now
because she normally gets way to excited & loud.So I think I will wear her more out in public that I do already. :) She ALWAYS falls asleep shortly after 
being in the carrier. NICE! 

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  1. Happy 7 mths. She is precious as can be. I'm sure she's a joy to be around. :D and that's funny what that man said LOL.


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