Mama's Blessed : What's In My Diaper Bag {Cloth Diaper Edition}

What's In My Diaper Bag {Cloth Diaper Edition}

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I actually have had this as a drafted post for a long time. So I decided to finish 
working on it & post it already! 
 I know yall are just dying to know what is inside Kenzie's
diaper bag! :P

I always have a bib & burp cloth. I like to use light weight 
blankies for laying under Kenzie when changing her. 

You can not forget back up toys & paci! I usually keep 
paci wipes on me but I ran out. So a back up paci 
is a must!

Since it is summer time I keep sunscreen on hand! Wet wipes, if I do 
not have hand sanitizer, have to be in the bag at all times! Diapers and
a change of clothes is a no brainer when packing a diaper bag.
No one wants to be away from home, with a poo mess & no extra diaper
or clothes.

I cloth diaper so my diaper bag looks a little different than someone 
that uses disposables on their child.
I keep one or two diapers in the diaper pouch. I do not use baby wipes so I
have a hand full of cloth wipes & a travel size spray bottle with water.
I pack a small sample size of CJ's Butter in Monkey Fart for 
tushie rashes. & a wet bag for the dirty stuff.

Most days I do not tote a purse around when I am already carrying
a diaper bag. & a baby!
So I toss all my things in there as well. 

I pack my nursing cover also. I found this bad boy at a thrift store for
only $8! Score!

There may be other items in my diaper bag, but these are
the MUST haves for the diaper bag at all time!

I will be posting a {what's in Kenzie's lunch box} post soon!

What are your must have items for your diaper bag or purse?


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